People all have the right to encounter “true beauty.”
Imagine if true beauty was lost in a changing world that overflows with goods and information.
We must never miss the opportunity to experience true beauty because we were unaware of its existence.
EXSEEDS JAPAN’s mission is to create aesthetics sought after by coming generations,
to convey the potential of beauty to each and every person, and to deliver true beauty.

For a world where everyone who continues to embrace challenges can freely choose their own personal beauty.
Beauty is borderless.



As part of nature, human beings receive the benefits of nature, are refreshed in body and spirit, and experience comfort.
That is the essence of aesthetics as conceived by EXSEEDS JAPAN.
We are sincere in our pursuit of true beauty only.
Our treasured values are accompanied by an unwavering sense of pride.

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Three Brands That Are the Pride of EXSEEDS JAPAN

Based on evolving modern science and our accumulated knowledge, EXSEEDS JAPAN pursues cutting-edge beauty and awaken healing power. We enable you to discover the true beauty which is your ideal.

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